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Garden of Hope


We are devoted to fostering thriving communities through integrated programs supporting education, environmental stewardship, and food sovereignty. 


Currently we run two programs to fulfill our mission: The Garden of Hope and the El Hato Literacy Center.  Both programs are located in El Hato, a principally Maya village near the colonial town Antigua.

The Garden of Hope provides children and youth with safe green spaces where they can connect with nature, foster joy, and develop life skills. We provide learning experiences in growing vegetables, including how to: grow organic food, care for the soil, respect the environment, harvest, cook creatively and nutritiously, fertilize the soil naturally by composting, and value native plant species.


The El Hato Literacy Center provides an array of free literacy services to the El Hato community.  These include before- and after-school tutoring for students; a library with computers, internet access and a nice collection of books; and a vacation camp to keep the children active and learning when school is out.

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